Windproof Coat

Sizes: M: 35CM (Mini Dachshund, Jack Russell).
L: 45CM (Springer Spaniel, Labrador)
XL: 55CM (German Shepherd)

Colours: Blue & Grey


WINDPROOF. Extended collar with drawstring shields your dogs neck from the wind. Leg straps help keep the coat in position & prevent it from moving even in high winds.

SELF WARMING. This unique technology helps keep your dog warm by retaining and reflecting heat back onto the body.

HARNESS HOLE on the back with zip closing for easy access to and use of a harness underneath the coat.

REFLECTIVE STRIPS provide high visability making it easier to see your dog at a distance, keeping them safe on dark walks.

VELCRO FASTENING makes the coat easily adjustable for a tailored fit with unrestricted movement.

BREATHABLE fabric designed to regulate temperature by allowing excess moisture to escape.

WATER RESISTANT to keep your dog dry and comfortable throughout their walk.