OHANA Florence Elephant Cuddle Toy Blanket

Base Code:OH0016

Product Style:Toy & Blanket

Available Sizes:One Size


Measurements:Toy:31.5x27cm Blanket:70x60cm

Care Instructions:MACHINE WASHABLE


DUAL FUNCTIONALITY: This product serves two purposes in one. It functions as both a playful toy and a cozy blanket for dogs. When it’s playtime, dogs can engage with the cuddly rabbit toy, enjoying its soft texture. When it’s time to relax or sleep, the toy transforms into a warm, comfortable blanket that provides a sense of security.

PREMIUM QUALITY AND COMFORT: It  is made from high-quality, pet-safe materials that are soft and gentle on their paws and skin. The blanket portion is plush and warm, offering a cozy and comfortable surface for dogs to snuggle up on.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS; Machine washable on a 30 degree gently wash with pet-safe detergent.

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