Sizes:  ONE SIZE: 38X32CM

Colour:  Grey

ANTIBACTERIAL. Made from our unique Graphene Material Technology. Graphene is 90% effective at preventing the growth of bacteria, ensuring extra hygiene for you and your cat.

BREATHABLE. Absorbs moisture from your cat’s skin, quickly releasing it to the air. This keeps your pet dry and comfortable day & night.

SOFT & WARM middle inner layer, ensures this bed is breathable yet cosy making it the ideal resting place.

PRIVACY & SECURITY. The high sides of this bed design provides the perfect retreat for your cat to feel safe and protected.

MULTI-PET. Although this bed is great for cat’s, it’s also perfect for small dogs, rabbits and other small pets too.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS. Easily removable cushion inside. Handwash only with pet-safe detergent.