OHANA Windproof Dog Coat Self Warming

Available Sizes:Medium, Large & X-Large
Colour:Blue, Grey & Black


ECO. The collection built from fabrics and fillings made from recycled plastic bottles. Filling = 100% Recycled material & Fabric = 50% Recycled material.
ADJUSTABLE VELCO STRAPS for easy on and on fastening. The ability to adjust both straps makes it a great choice for growing dogs.
WATER REPELLENT material to keep your dog dry during the rainy winter months. This lightweight fabric also makes a perfect coat for spring showers too.
FLEECE-LINED to provide extra warmth on colder days.
HARNESS HOLE on the back with zip closing for easy access to and use of a harness underneath the coat.
SIZING. M: 35CM = 14 Bottles (Mini Dachshund, Jack Russell). L: 45CM = 18 Bottles (Springer Spaniel, Labrador) XL: 55CM = 22 Bottles (German Shepherd)

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